XXI - The World

The World

A woman holds a veil that seems to capture and disperse starlight as she moves it about. She dances at the top of the World in celebration, for she has conquered all that she has set out to do. She is surrounded by creatures of air, land, and sea, representing all that she has achieved. The sea creatures symbolize her emotions, dreams, and fears; the flying creatures, her mind and thoughts; the land animals, her ability to move comfortably and confidently through life. The light within her veil shows that she can access and use the energy of the Universe.

This card, the last Major Arcana, is about big achievements. The World promises the wonderful conclusion of long term projects and the realization of goals. Success, completeness, satisfaction, and fulfillment are woven into your life. This card can also indicate major trips and extensive travel.

If reversed, this card indicates the delay of achievement. Success is still possible, but something is in the way. This could be as simple as refusing to accept success. Similarly, it can suggest that travel plans may be postponed.

Use your intuition:

There are different creatures on this card: a tiger, a lion, a stag, an eagle, a dolphin, a fish, and a butterfly. What would each of them symbolize?

Do you see any other creatures not mentioned above?

XX - Judgement


A star shines, sprinkling its rays softly over an angel sounding a trumpet. The angel floats over churning water. Shapes and figures seem to emerge from those waters. The music of the trumpet calls up troubling and disturbing possibilities, and yet the overall feeling of the scene is peaceful and safe. The angel appears approachable and soft, but she exudes a quiet power and strength. Her wings are large and promise the ability to float above the troubled waters.

Judgment provides a call. You are being called to face your past before moving on. It is time to acknowledge what ever happened, accept it, and let it go. You have learned so much and been through so much, you now have the wisdom and strength to free yourself from the past. A time for change is at hand – perhaps a new job, a new relationship, or a new way of life. However, unlike other cards indicating change, in this case you are more in control. You have decided to heed the call. You have the experience and knowledge to move forward. You just have to make your final farewells. 

If reversed, this card warns of hanging on to the past and using it as an excuse not to move forward. Similarly, it can mean moving forward, but dragging the past with you.

Use your intuition:

There are different creatures on this card: a tiger, a lion, a stag, an eagle, a dolphin, a fish, and a butterfly. What would each of them symbolize?

Do you see any other creatures not mentioned above?

XIX - The Sun

The Sun

A pale woman stands as if amazed by her surroundings. She wears heavy clothes and furs as if she was just transported from some bleak, frigid landscape into the bright, temperate new place. A warm sun shines softly over the meadow where sunflowers, daisies, and wild flowers flourish. A stone arch leads away from the meadow towards a tree.

The Sun brings a simple message of joy. After traveling through the long, dark night of soul searching, you emerge into the light. All your journeys, all your spiritual seeking, all your sincere efforts now pay off. You are able to see where you were and where you stand now. Your mind is clear and sharp. Energy fills you and you are ready to let the light of the Sun warm you. This card brings great joy, clear truth, and well deserved success. It also indicates music or science or anything else requiring logic and sound reasoning.

If reversed, this card suggests too much of a good thing. Too many projects and too much energy can lead to burn out. Over-thinking or analyzing is a danger. It can also indicate that something is blocking the usual happiness and success that the Sun brings.

Use your intuition:

The woman in the card is gesturing toward something we cannot see. What do you think it is?

The face in the Sun is looking toward the right. Compare it to the face in the Moon. How do the different directions affect the cards meanings?

What happens next in this image? Does the woman go through the stone arch toward the tree, or toward whatever she sees to the left? Why? What does she find there?

XVIII - The Moon

The Moon

A full moon looms over a raging body of water, a shadowy presence illuminating challenging times or perhaps a troubled soul. Two identical towers representing good and evil frame the scene. A wolf and a lobster guard a stairway, the only visible means of crossing the turbulent waters. The lobster, a creature from the murky depths of the ocean, indicates deep fears. The wolf, untamed and wild, represents the spirit, unbroken and strong. The stairway is close to the waters surface, barely providing safe passage. The journey may be dangerous and frightening, but it must be made. Only by facing fears can progress be made.

The Moon is at once dreadful and beautiful. It represents dreams, instincts, intuition, and fears. It’s gentle light provides both illumination and shadows. This light can cause things to seem either safer or more dangerous than they actually are. Be prepared to be both frightened and inspired. Carefully separate your intuition from your fears and follow your intuition. Pay careful attention to your dreams at this time. Great inspiration is at hand, but it wont be an easy journey.

If reversed, this card warns of deception, dangerous emotional swings, and giving into fears. Tread carefully.

Use your intuition:

Is the wolf there to guard the path or guide you across?

Why does the path pass through the middle of the towers representing Good and Evil?

The face in the moon is gazing to the left; how is that significant?

XVII - The Star

The Star

Moonlight dapples a tree and reveals an ibis, representing pure, focused thoughts, a quiet presence overlooking the scene unfolding on the riverbank below. A woman emerges from the river, reaching toward a butterfly – a symbol of transformation – that is just out of reach. On a jutting bit of rock, another bird observes. Overhead an eight-pointed star that represents the creative and regenerative energy of the Universe shines predominantly in the sky. In the background, barely visible, is a constellation of a pentacle. Here, the pentacle represents the five senses. Because the pentacle is dim, it indicates that reliance on the senses should be less at this time and, instead, focus on the regenerative energy of the Universe should be highlighted.

In the face of troubling events, the Star offers hope and guidance. As you emerge from troubled waters, you will find clear signs directing your path. Now is the time to stop focusing on what has happened in the past and look instead to the future. The Universe is offering refreshment; a transformation is at hand. You just need to reach out and take it. Even if the evidence of your senses indicates otherwise, focus only on the hope that is provided. Steer your actions by the light of the shining star and you will soon be on solid ground.

If reversed, this card suggests that signs from the Universe are being overlooked. Everyday events are distracting you from your true path.

Use your intuition:

There is an urn on the riverbank. Has the butterfly just emerged from it? If so, and are the implications?

A second bird sits nearby. What does it indicate?

XVI - The Tower

The Tower

On top of a stony hill stands a delicate, glass-domed tower. Two sides are supported by sculptures of human figures. The Moon is perfectly positioned to shine through the sides of the Tower. This lovely structure is hit by lightening and destroyed. The Tower represents material ambition, ego-driven thinking – or a faulty belief system, relationship, or way of life. The lightening is an event that causes spiritual insight, which leads to the destruction of false thoughts, beliefs, and practices.

This card’s simple image indicates a major change in your life or belief system. Be prepared for emotional upheaval and distressing events. This bolt from the blue, this event will create a spiritual epiphany that will allow you to eliminate all that is no longer useful or good for you. Lie and half truths will be revealed. It is a sort of purification. Whatever is solid and good will remain. You will have a foundation that has survived trial by fire and you can rebuild with confidence, once the dust has settled.

If reversed, this card implies that the shakeup caused by the Tower is not external but rather internal and less obvious. Instead of a storm, something happens inside you that creates an epiphany.

Use your intuition:

What do the figures on the sides represent?

This tower has a glass dome. Is that significant?

What will remain of this tower?